Stacking Coupons at Target

“Stacking” your savings is how couponers take couponing to the next level.  Now, if you aren’t familiar with how to use manufacturer’s coupons, then please read “2 Rules to Extreme Couponing” before you tackle this lesson.

“Stacking” is a term we use in the coupon world when we are using multiple ways to save money on a product.  Now, you can’t use more than one manufacturers coupon on an item, but you can stack that manufacturers coupon with a store coupon and/or a rebate app and/or CAT (Catalina) and/or gift card back…the list can go on.

So, every store has a different coupon policy.  I recommend that you pick at least one grocery store and one drug store as your main store.  Learn the couponing policy and follow the sales cycles to get the best deals.

Stacking at Target

Target logo

So, there are many ways to stack your savings at Target in the store.  Rarely will you have a deal that uses all of these together, but several at a time are common.

  • Manufacturers Coupon
  • Cartwheel App– get % off but after store coupon is applied
  • Store Coupon– must say “Target Coupon” at the top
  • Gift Card Promotion- must purchase a certain number of products
    • example: Free $5 Gift Card when you buy 4 Old Spice Products
    • example: Free $10 Gift Card when you spend $50 in Personal Care products
  • Text Coupons- text “COUPONS” to 827438 and you will get coupons texted to you once a week.
  • Promotional coupons-
  • Red Card– get a debit or credit card and get 5% off of your purchase with the use of the card.

Deal Scenario:

Purpose Litter Retails for $9.99 at Target
Purpose Litter
Retails for $9.99 at Target

Two Purina Purpose Kitty Litter

  • Retails for $9.99 each- $19.98
    • Apply store coupon for $1 off – $18.98
    • Apply Cartwheel app for 50% off- $9.49
    • Apply manufacturers coupon for $10 off 2 boxes- -$.51

FINAL COST:  Moneymaker of $.51

**Note: when you have an overage at Target, you will not get that back in cash, so be sure you have something else in your cart that the overage can apply to.

For the official Target Coupon Policy click on this link.

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