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Hey there!  I’m currently a stay-at-home mom with lots of irons on the fire!!!!

I have a Masters Degree in Music Education and taught band for 5 years in Illinois.  I currently live in Northern Kentucky with my husband and three kids.  I teach music at the local Community College both online and in person and at Northern Kentucky University in the Music Education department, I have an awesome trumpet studio, and I’m an Extreme Couponer!!!!

I teach couponing classes through the Cincinnati Enquirer around Northern Kentucky.  I’m hoping this blog will be able to help clients that take my class and will teach those that I can’t reach in person.

If you want to help my small business venture, please subscribe to this blog, share blog posts on your facebook and twitter accounts, join my facebook page “Couponing 101: Shopping With Shana” and bookmark my coupons.com page to print your coupons exclusively from this blog.

Thanks and Happy Couponing!

Kroger Haul Apr 17. 2015

3 thoughts on “About me…”

      1. Well if you ask me, I think throwing away money you could be saving is CRAZY!!! Your class rocks Shana! I referred a friend of mine in another state to your blog. She wants to learn how to coupon. I have not doubt in my mind that she will be able to learn from you.

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