1. Blinkie- coupons pulled from the little machines in the store aisles that have a red blinking light.
  2. BOGO- Buy one, get one
  3. CAT– Catalina: “Couponing Terminology: CATS
    • Register Rewards (RR)- similar to CAT but from Walgreens
    • Extra Bucks (EB)- similar to CAT but from CVS
  4. Coupon Inserts- the coupon circulars in the Sunday newspapers
    • SS– Smart Source insert
    • RP– Red Plum insert
    • PG– Proctor & Gamble insert
  5. OOP– “Out of Pocket”
  6. Peelie– coupons that are found on the products in the store and you must peel them off to use them.
  7. BOGO- Buy one, get one
  8. Rain Check– when a sale product is out of stock in the store, you can go to customer service and get a “rain check” for the sale price at a later time once they restock.
  9. Rebate- a refund of the money you spent on a product, either partial or entire amount.
  10. Rolling Catalinas– Where you have 2 or more transactions and you use the Catalinas you receive for one transaction towards the purchase of the products in the next transaction.
  11. Stacking– using several different ways to “stack” your savings.  For more info: Stacking Coupons at Target
  12. Stockpile– a storage of items purchased.  For more info: Creating a Stockpile
  13. Tear Pad– coupons found in the aisles of the store where you tear them off of the pad.
  14. Transaction– your purchase of a product or multiple products at one time.

Making a difference one sale at a time….